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List of Random People

I’m going to ignore (most of) the Warren Buffets, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbergs & Oprah Winfreys of the world and highlight some under rated, unknown & influential poeple that are successful.

Most of them made their money on the net or through technology, the net = people after all.

The others are pretty random.

0. Joanne Wilson, Silicon Alley’s female entrepreneur extraordinaire & blogger at Gotham Gal

1. I’ve read a lot about Sean Parker since watching ‘The Social Network’ (he’s not a douchebag in real life by the way, guarded, but a genuinely cool guy). But he has played a role in a lot of companies that have caused a lot of disruption on the net so far.

- He started Plaxo, the most influential company you’ve never hear of, which unleashed viral marketing on the net
- Co-founder of Napster, which wreaked havoc on the music industry
- Founding President at Facebook
- Investor & Board member at Spotify (the legal version of Napster)
- Now he’s prepping to launch Airtime, a company that could be a catalyst for the next paradigm shift on the net in an effort to “effort to eliminate loneliness” using video chat (like iChat, Face Time, Tango or Tiny Chat)

- Here are some pictures of his house

- He also has an interesting theory about the history of the media since Gutenberg

- Airtime also made its first acquisition, Erly, which is a company that organizes social media data

Airtime is preparing to launch on June 5th. Check out the Forbes’ interview here.

The thing that attracted me to Parker is that he has developed a rare ability thanks to his coding and business smarts that allow him to understand how people want to integrate the internet into their lives.

With this insight, he’s managed to stay ahead of the pack, with almost every move, he can literally see 2 to 3 years into the future of technology and the net.

2. Steve Blank, a seasoned veteran & influencer of Silicon Valley, I’ve learned a lot of valuable stuff from this guy, like how to develop more “Silicon Valleys” all over the world & how much Silicon Valley played a role in World War II.

3. Steve Jobs, the late great innovator of Apple & America is a testament to the value of leadership within a company and the world as a whole. Jobs is arguably the best CEO of his generation (the last 30 years). Through his actions, pointed out just how badly the world needs [people] focused leaders. His genius as pointed out by his biographer, was in his ability to integrate art & technology together. Integrated design thinking.

Like Peter Drucker, he argued that you can only do a few things great and you should cast everything else aside. Another admirable trait was how he capitalized on gathering info from his network about what was going on in the world. He’s got everyone from Microsoft to Google swaggerjacking his company’s steez. Articles have been written about how to be a visionary like he was. He is considered one of America’s Greatest Innovators. You can find out more about him here.

4. Tim Ferriss, thought leader, productivity guru, serial entrepreneur, millionaire blogger, world class martial artist/dancer, all around badass and author of “The 4 Hour Workweek”.

5. Ramit Sethi, Financial guru of Gen Y, financial savior to us all

6. Ernestine Fu, the youngest VC in Silicon Valley,  who is targeting student entrepreneurs. Young, female and VC is not a combo you come across often (or at all) in SV. Tom Kosnick of Stanford University says she’s in the top half of the top 1% of Ivy League students he’s ever worked with. She’s humble & driven.

7. Kathy Ireland, incredibly customer/product focused and strategic. A really inspiring story.

8. Penelope Trunk, the world’s most influential guidance counselor

9. Danielle Strachman, Thiel Fellowship Program Director, she can basically assess how your brain works by watching you for a minute

10. Max Nussenbaum, VFA fellow and just a cool guy

11. Peter Thiel, chess genius, contrarian thinker & don of the influential “Paypal Mafia”. Business Week has named him 1 of the top 25 people most influential people on the web. He was the first outside investor of Facebook. He thinks innovation is dead & he’s somewhat of a social gadfly. He recently taught a class on start ups called CS 183: Start Up at Stanford, his alma mater. You can find the notes for his first 4 classes here: Challenge of the Future, Late To The Party, Value Systems & Last Mover Advantage. Thanks to Blake Masters for all the notes. Thiel’s also really interested in investing in New Zealand start ups. Here’s a video from 60 Minutes with Thiel arguing that ‘graduation is an expensive waste of time’, which some, like Vivek Wadwa argue is incorrect. Thiel also used chess tactics to become a billionaire.

** Marc Andreesen, the guy who invented the first consumer web browser, Mosaic, also visited Thiel’s class to discuss Start Ups & the Future. His key takeaway point is that you have to innovate at the right time. Along with Thiel, he’s listed on Forbes’ Midas Top 10 Investors.

12. Cal Newport, author of blog study hacks & MIT computer science grad. Here’s an article he did on scheduling.

13. Charlie Hoehn, wrote Recession Proof Graduate, a free ebook that’s been downloaded 70 000 times that you can get here & worked with Ramit SethiSeth Godin & Tim Ferriss

14. Ryan Holiday, the 20something marketing director for American Apparel. He dropped out of college at 19 but he never dropped out of learning, especially with immersing himself in History using his ‘swarm strategy’. He’s served as a strategic advisor to many best selling authors & multi-platinum selling musicians. His Spartan System of essay writing went viral across the web in 2007. He’s also worked with 2 time NY Times Best selling author Robert Greene. He’s releasing his own book, titled ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying‘ in July 2012 that will serve as an expose on American media on the net. His strategies have been studied by Youtube, Google & Twitter. He co-wrote a great piece with Tim Ferriss: Stoicism, A Practical Guide for Entrepreneurs. Check out his Forbes Marketing article on Exploiting The Difference Between Perception vs. Reality, I’m disagree with it, he makes marketing sound like its dirty.

15. Michael Staton, High school History teacher that knows his stuff about using the internet & technology to reform education

16. Joe Pulizzi, content marketing evangelist & founder of the CM Institute

17. Seth Godin, the Zeus of marketing, Domino Project & author of over 10 NY times best selling books & 1 of the top 10 most read blogs in the world on marketing. He also promotes failure (& learning from it), “either you fail or you’re fired” is his motto. And he’s gotta bone to pick with the higher education system.

18. Winston Churchill, if it wasn’t for him, Western Civilization wouldn’t be what it is today

19. Simon Singh, lecturer & author who writes about math, encryptions & science in a way that doesn’t make your brain hurt

20. Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense, has an inspiring story

21. Marcus Garvey, altruistic black nationalist

22.Tim Berners Lee, created the World Wide Web (The Internet)

23. David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group, history enthusiast, billionaire & invested in Black History

24. Michael Newton, hypnotherapist & author of “Journey of Souls”

25. J. Maureen Henderson, Forbes Contributor & founder of Generation Meh

26. Herman Chinery-Hesse, Africa’s Bill Gates

27. Eike Battista, Brazil’s richest man

28. Tracy DiNunzio, start up founder, artist & self proclaimed Bohemian

29. Mark Suster, Entrepremeur turned VC

30. Olga Vidishevafounder of Shoptiques

31. Nikki Durkin, founder of 99 Dresses, young Australian entrepreneur

32. Nick D’Aloisio, 16 year old founder of Summly

33. Laura Deming, she’s finding a cure for aging, she’s a Thiel Fellow too

34. Crystal Renn, a model who was told she was ‘too big’ for traditional modeling & then told she was ‘too skinny’ for plus size modeling

35. Nate Damm, he walked across America

36. Doug Imbruce, founder of Qwiki

37. David Karp, founder of Tumblr, it has doubled in size in the last 6 months, 20 billion posts from 50 million users

38. James Altrucher, entrepreneur, blogger and investment guru. He doesn’t believe in college & gives really good advice.

39. Carol Pinchefsky, she’s serious about science fiction and geek culture

40. Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable, it might be sold to a major news company

41. Ryan Blair, turned his life around at 21, from gangster to multimillionaire entrepreneur

42. Edgar Cayce, reading his work convinced me of the validity of reincarnation, souls are real, and so is a lot of stuff people have preconceptions against.

43. Benjamin Jacques, Internet Marketer, has an inspiring story

44. Gavin Menzies, former US Marine, best selling author & historian, discovered Atlantean ruins off the coast of Santarini

45. Esthero, pretty & priceless, virtually unknown artiste

47. Dale Stephens, 19 year old founder of UnCollege

48. John Prevas, another bad ass historian whose actually seen the stuff he writes about like Menzies (vs. debating it in an classroom)

49. Ben Thompson, author of “Bad Ass of The Week” blog

50. Michael P. Mason, another young prototype G on the rise & author of the G Manifesto blog. This guy schooled me on culture, women & style.

51. Michael Dupont, started Retire@21, loved his most successful college drop outs in history post

52. Chris Taylor, started actionable books. Best. Website. Ever. Period. Check his interview with marketing mastermind Seth Godin here.

53. Catherine Cook, co-founder of America’s 3rd largest social network, My Year Book

54. My family. Sounds corny I know, but I’m literally a composite of everything my family has taught me. From my little sisters to my Moms & Dads.

55. Jayne Mansfield, she had an IQ of 163 and was a classically trained violinist & pianist.

56. Kevin Shillington, Historian that’s schooling me on my own country

57. Bruce Levine, author of “Common Sense Revolution” & pointed out that America labels rebels as “mentally ill”

58. Barbara Tuchman, Historian, her approach & attention to detail is impeccable

59. Hannibal Barca of Carthage, the father of military strategy, stickler for details & master of innovation, Ancient G

60. Top Young Bloggers, self explanatory

61. George Lucas, legend, just released a movie about these guys

62. Saul Alvarez, young prototype G on the rise

63. Mahbod Moghadom, Stanford law grad that’s fighting for rap to be recognized for what it is, poetry

64. The Hedge Fund Managers at Bridgewater

65. Paul Coelho, author of a couple international bestsellers

67. Richard Wilson, hedge fund consultant & video blogger

68. Salman Khan, educator & founder of Khan Academy. He’s also Bill Gates’ favorite teacher.

69. Akshaya Patra, genius idea: make impoverished kids learn by feeding them

70. Everyone at the Tech Museum

71. This guy who can solve a rubik’s cube blindfolded in less than 30 seconds

72. Female Artistes

73. This Dakota Elder was on point about educating children

74. Andrew Warner, founder of Mixergy

75. Charles Simonyi, the billionaire who programmed Microsoft Office & the 5th non-astronaut to ever visit the International Space Station

76. Jasmine Plummer, first female quarterback ever to play in the Pop Warner Super Bowl

77. Hilary Karls, ex-Googler and start-up founder

78. Jezebel

79. Haley aka the blogger behind ‘The Scarlet Woman’

80. These guys are talking about something I’m struggling to address

81. Monica Fay, she’s used my favorite word and her rants are borderline genius

82. Jennifer Lopez

83. Neil deGrasse Tyson, I love this quote: “When a nation dreams big, it’s citizens dream big.”

84. Pat Wyman, founder of how to learn

85. Arne Duncan, Education Secretary

86. The People behind SXSW

87. Steve Stoute, Jay-Z’s millionaire business partner & author of black influence on America

88. Linsey Knerl, blogger at moneyning

89. Cara Santa Maria, Huffington Post blogger

90. Cacilda Jetha & Christopher Ryan, authors of Sex At Dawn

91. Harold Jarche

92. Jacques Fresco, b. March 13, 1916

93. Jane Jacobs, b. 1916 – d. 2006

94. Astra Taylor

95. Andrew Hsu, founder of Airy Labs, who make educational games for kids

96. Bill Taylor, a practical radical

97. Rob Lorenz, he’s from here. On average, along with Germans, Austrians are among the smartest race of Caucasians based on IQ studies. I guess that’s why he’s a genius. Oh yeah, he’s the technical co-founder of our own little start up.

98. Charles Gordon, turned himself into a millionaire at the tender age of 21. Shout out to mycomeup for this.

99. Generation Z

100. Betty Dodson, blogs about the global sexual repression of women. It’s bad ass I get amped just from how passionate she is.

101. Susie Bright, blogger & author of ‘The Sexual State of The Union’

102. Joe Rogan, his podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ made me a huge fan

103. Amazon Eve, world’s tallest model

104. Dr.Ian Stevenson, author of 20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation

105. Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Illusions of A Reluctant Messiah & One

106. Sam Harris, philosopher, neuroscientist, blogger & author of 3 New York Times bestsellers

107. Ray Dalio, mathematical genius, global philosopher & billionaire founder of Bridgewater

108. Christian Hudson, he played a role in my later understanding of masculinity, marketing & dating and the role it plays in defining our reality in my recent formative college years

109. Everyone who blogs for Self Absorbed Me

110. Women In Mobile Technology

111. Meaghan Casserly, Forbes Writer, its pretty sad, but maybe we do need gender quotas (maybe race quotas too? Maybe I’d have a better job lol JK)

112. Paul Graham, partner at Y Combinator, the startup that launches startups. He’s really good at building teams. And pumping out world changing ideas. He also wrote a blog post on how to fund a start up.

113. Max Levchin, cofounded Pay Pal with Elon Musk & wrote a book with Peter Thiel

114. Bing Gordon, “the best never rest”, an IPO is just another step along the way

115. Jonathan Abrams, founder of Friendster & Founder’s Den. Also 1 of the 40 people who changed the internet. In this Inc Magazine article, he talks about how/why Friendster failed when it should’ve won.

116. Mike Lazerow, CEO of Buddy Media

117. Ben Seilbermann & Evan Sharp, co-founders of Pinterest, who are capitalizing on this trend. They’re really focused on transparency. A study found Pinterest surpassed Facebook in terms of retail outlets or brands that fans “follow” or “like.” A survey by PriceGrabber, a price comparison site, found that 21% of Pinterest users polled had purchased items they spotted on the site. Pinterest is also the fastest growing website. Ever.

118. Brandee Barker, Facebook’s 1st PR Director

119. George Clooney

120. Jean Oelwang, CEO of Virgin Unite

121. Anderson Cooper, 360 Report

122. Fareed Zachariah, GPS

123. The 40 People Who Changed The Net

124. Tristan Denley, founder of Degree Compass, software that assesses past marks for students to determine future performance

125. Chipotle’s Marketing Team

126. Ruth Barcan Marcus, one of the most prominent philosophers of the 20th century

127. Martin Zwilling, veteran start up mentor & Forbes Contributor, check out his articles for entrepreneurs herehere, here and here.

128. David Helfand, founder & president of Quest University

129. Ben Casnocha, serial entrepreneur, blogger, award winning leadership mentor & traveler. He’s co-written a book with Reid Hoffman (the guy who created Linked In). Here’s a good summary of the book.

130. Gregory Roberts, author of Shantaram

131. Dr.David K. Foot, author, professor & speakers on the impacts of demographic change

132. CSA, College Student Alliance

133. Michael Haupt, visionary, concerned global citizen, strategic marketing consultant & author of ‘ The Business Manifesto ‘

134. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

135. Jonathan Bloch, Paleontologist

136. Harry W. Greene, a snake expert at Cornell University in New York and author of Snakes: The Evolution of Mystery in Nature

137. Jane Goodall, Primatologist

138. Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter

139. Paul Adams, Facebook’s Global Brand Experience Manager

140. Christian Lanng, founder of Tradeshift

141. Randi Zuckerberg

142. Patrick Gibbons, Las Vegas based writer & researcher of education policy & reform

143. Susan Gonzales, Facebook’s Head of Community Engagement

146. Sebestien Thrun, founder of Udacity, ex Stanford professor & a thought leader for University 2.0

147. Mark Zuckerberg (I know, I know, but read it anyway). He developed himself as a leader to become one of the greatest innovators of communication since Gutenberg says the NY post.Even after IPO of Facebook, he’ll still have control of his company, which is unheard of. After acquiring Instagram this year, his company got Glancee too. He’s apparently also notoriously private, which is ironic since his goal in life is to “make the world more open.”. Read this too. And this.

148. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of Crush It!, wine guru & just a cool guy

149. Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners & SV veteran

150. Elon Musk, founder of Space X, he believes that we need to inhabit multiple planets in order to survive. He was the real life inspiration for Tony Starks. His fellow co-founder at Pay Pal, Peter Thiel, said that Musk is a sales grandmaster. His college room mate was Adeo Ressi.

151. Howard Hughes, aviator, business magnate, maverick film maker & playboy

152. John A. MacDonald, made Canada

153. Brian Chesky, founder of AirBnB, they just acquired Crashpadder in Britain in a move to capitalize on the upcoming Olympics

154. Darius Falcon, philosopher & business owner

155. Ray Kurzweil, author, futurist & theorist on spiritual machines

156. Aayush Phumbra, co-founder of Chegg

157. Nir Eyal, blogger on behavioral science/technology, entrepreneur  & advisor to Thiel Fellows & Founder’s Institute

158. Hackers

159. Jeanette Cajide, co-founder of photo app Blurtt

160. Avishai Abrahami, co-founder of Wix

161. Lori Andrews, author of  ‘I Know Who You Are, I Know What You Did’

162. Terry Tao, world’s top mathematician

163. Richard Florida, author & lecturer at Rotman school of Management

164. Ozwald Boeteng, Savile Row tailor

165. MaxSGB, he’s 16 &  built a scientific calculator in an imaginary world

166. Navneet Dalal, co-founder & CEO of Flutter, using your webcam you can stop & play music using gesture recognition software (his thesis has been cited over 3000 times, that’s more times than most professors get in their whole lives)

168. Jason, founder of Smarterer

169. Steve Baric, historian, musician & blogger

170. Kristi Miller, muzzled Canadian Scientist

171. Joseph Campbell, author of the Hero With 1000 Faces (est. 1949)

172. Abe Lincoln

173. Albert Einstein

174. Lil B

175. Walter Theseira, Nanyang Tech Researcher

176. Alan Greenspan, arguably the man behind the Housing Crisis in America

177. Mike Stone, perseverance at its finest

178. Harald Hass, German Physicist who argues we could ditch WiFi & use light bulbs (aka ‘data through illumination’)

179. Katniss, Hunger Game’s protagonist

180. Jada Williams

181. Socrates, both Tim O’Reilly & Steve Jobs have said how much they would love to spend time with the man & invite him to dinner

182. Victor Davis Hanson, Classicist & Military Historian at Stanford

183. Robert Greene, NY Times Best Selling author

184. Umaimah Mendhro, she is a Harvard MBA & home schooled

185. Tim Cook, Apple’s Post Jobs CEO

186. Charles Geschke, co-founded Adobe

187. Nathan Fick, Marine, author & COO for New American Security Centre

188. Lian Dolan, founder of Satellite Sisters & author

189. Silicon Valley Companies

190. Leymah Gbowee, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

191. Jody Williams, Nobel Laureate

192. Sheryl WuDunn, author of ‘Half The Sky’ chronicling the oppression of women globally

193. Zainab Salbi, founded Women For Women International

194. Henry Ellenbogen, Manager at New Horizons Fund

195. John Hockenberry, author & journalist

196. Olivia Fox Cabane, entrepreneur, author & the secret weapon of influential billionaire CEO’s

197. Kim Bhasin

198. Matt Schlicht, co-founder of Tracksby, helped Lil Wayne get 36 million fans on Facebook without spending a dime on advertising

199. Vince Broady, founder of this moment, it helped turn the Hunger Games into a Lion Gate’s historic juggernaut

200. Aaron Levie, CEO of Box

201. Megan Erickson, Big Think Blogger

202. Tim Kendall, the guy who monetized Facebook

203. These Y Combinator Founders

204. Rob Fishman, co-founder of Yoke, the matchmaker app that uses Amazon, Netflix & Facebook data

205. Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, entrepreneur and blogger with Ben Horowitz he also blogged on what’s truly important for start ups, a good team, product & market

206. Jason Ross, co-founder of Jack Threads, website that has members only prices for authentic streetwear

207. Frank Buckely, an artist who has built a house out of money

208. Foster Gamble, funded & released the movie about our true history called ‘Thrive’

209. Nicki Minaj, rap revolutionary

210. My buddy Nakul’s boy Merrick

211. Sahil Lavingia, 1 of Pinterest’s founding employees & the founder of Gumroad

212. Founder’s Corner: Top 25 Under 25

213. Charles Forman, co-founder of OMG POP

214. Charles Dixon, co-founder of Hunch & Founder’s Collective, a peer to peer VC firm in NY. He thinks that NY is poised for a tech revival.

215. Eric Carvalho, of Upper Nation, a network of Talent

216. Jessica Mah, founded she’s the closest thing to Zuck we’ve had so far

217. Skillshare’s co-founders

218. Sonali Sridhar, co-founded Hackruiter & Hacker School

219. Molly Barker, founded Girls On the Run

220. John Ruffalo, CEO of OMERS Venture Capital Fund, which is answering the ‘VC crisis’ in Canada.

221. Richard DeMillo, Director of the Centre for 21st Century Universities & former Dean of Computing at Georgia Tech

222. the guys behind Godel’s Lost Letter blog

223. Erzsebet Szailaine Ban & Tamas Miko, 2 former modern day slaves, Miko is somewhere in Ontario now

224. Ryan Holmes, founder of HootSuite & serial entrepreneur (HootSuite is his 5th start up) based in Vancouver. HootSuite just earned a $20 million investment from OMERS Ventures, 1 of the largest Canadian VC transactions to happen in the past decade.

225. Dan Debow, co-founder of Rypple & the entrepreneur link at Extreme Startups based in Toronto

226. Atif Aslam, a popular artist in Pakistan

227. Dr.Michael Geist, Lawyer, Law Professor at University of Ottawa. Named 1 of Canada’s top 40 under 40.  Also 1 of the top 50 most influential people in the world on intellectual property.

228. Aaron Greenspan, the real founder of Facebook

229. Paul Schoemaker, founder of Decision Strat & author of Brilliant Mistakes

230. Mike Myatt, leadership myth buster

231. Faith Harding

232. Don Thompson, McDonald’s Former COO & New CEO who is set to take the reigns in 2012

233. Kristen Collins, Great Grand Daughter of Marjorie Smith, human trafficking activist

234. Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram, which just sold to Facebook to for $1 Billie

235. Reginald Braithwaite, blogger, best selling author & programmer

236. The Founders of This Week In Start Ups 

237. Peter Armstrong, co-founder of Lean Pub, Canadian

238. Ben Nelson, former CEO of Snapfish, founder of the Minerva Project, an online Ivy League

239. People With Good Ideas

240. Steve Anderson, VC at Baseline ventures & early investor of Twitter, Path, OMGPOP & Instagram

241. Andrew Mason, founder of Groupon

242. Kevin Hartz, historian & VC & mentor for students & 1st time entrepreneurs

243. Josh Kushner, young VC at Thrive Capital

244. The Top 11 Hackers In The World (9/11 are from China)

245. Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski, co-founders of Codecademy

246. Mark Naison, African American studies & History Professor at FordhamU

247. Amit Kapur, former Myspace exec

248. The Facebook Mafia that will form after it’s IPO this year

249. Jake Housdon, founder of OOHLALA, they also have a decent blog

250. Andrew Grauer, co-founder of Course Hero

251. Anthony Santen, founder of Balance Hypnosis

252. Cris Delara, Brazilian CG Artist

253. Elia Bizannes, director of venture capital & blogger. He popularized the term, ‘Silicon Beach

254. Chris Saad, VP Strategy at AboutEcho & co-founder of DataPortability

255. Susan Weinschenk, The Brain Lady, blogger about how to hack the brain & behavioral psychologist

256. Saroo Brierley, used Google Earth to track down the name of his village & reunite with his Mother after 25 years

257. Molly Wood, executive editor at CNet

258. Bill Birnes, J.D., editor of UFO Magazine

259. Napoleon

260. James Cameron, epic director & the first man to explore Mariana’s Trench alone

261. Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin brand

262. Michael Arrington, founder of the blog Tech Crunch which established him as a new media mogul & entrepreneur

263. Pejman Nozad, partner at Amidzad

264. Kevin Colleran, former Facebook executive

265. Drew Houston, founder of Drop Box

266. Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle

267. Eric Ries, author of The Lean of Start Up

268. General Sheridan

269. Shaila Ittycheria, co-founder of Enstitute

270. AV Concepts, the company behing the Tupac hologram at Coachella

271. Patricia Leavy,  education blogger at Huffington Post

272. Gordon Brown, former British PM

273. Derek Bok, former Harvard President

274. Black Founders

275. John Backus, was the lead designer at IBM of the Fortran programming language in the 1950′s

276. Jon Izak, created the app Autismate for his autistic brother

277. Ruzwana Bashir, co-founder of Peek, launching this summer

278. Alexia Tsotsis, breaks news (& hearts)

279. Semil Shah, Operations Manager at Votizen & Quora Power User

280. Adam D’Angelo, co-founder Quora

281. Andy Grove

282. Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux

283. Andrew Lindy, traveler & blogger of Travel Bum

284. Nujabes

285. Sara Ganim, youngest recipient of Pulitzer Prize

286. UK Femcees

287. Makers

288. These 1 Sentence Pitch Winners

289. Richard Wrangham, Harvard Primatologist

290. Frank Kern, direct response marketing genius

291. Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, he was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan

292. Glenn Steven Mangham, the guy that hacked Facebook to point out holes in their security

293. Sharon Hwang, Emily Carr grad who just left Apple for Facebook, she runs a blog called My Cooking Diary

294. Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook & new owner of the century old magazine The New Republic

295. Lloyd Pye, one of the advocates of Intervention Theory used in human evolution

296. Brian Weiss, MD, Yale Medical School graduate & NY Times noted author of Many Lives, Many Masters & Same Soul, Many Bodies

297. Phelippe Telio, organizes The International Start Up Festival every year in Montreal

298. Mark Evans, marketing consultant

299. Hannah Wei, co-founder of graphical resume site Vizualize.Me

300. Derek Low, only (because of) BRAD, the remotely automated dorm room

301. Joe Gilliam, who has no Wikipedia profile, founder & CEO of Nation Builder (which lets any campaign build a following & allows users to build a community on & offline), which is backed by some prominent Facebook Mafia members, including Sean Parker (#1 on this list). This is the same technology used by Obama & Mitt Romney by the way. To see how Nation Builder works, checkout Abe for Prez & his Youtube Video here.

302. George S. Patton, believed he was a reincarnated Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca, one of History’s Greatest Innovators

303. Morton Blumenthal

304. Paul Allen the Lesser, co-founder of

305. Keith Haring, artist & activist

306. Sara Romeyn, a Bullis History teacher who uses Facebook to engage her students with profiles of influential people in history

307. George Carlin

308. The people at Insight Labs, a think tank in Chicago who are answering the question: What if schools weren’t schools?

309. Marlon Paine, research assistant at Uncollege

310. Travis Gertz, 1/2 of the Question Everything blog

311. George Mobus, another pioneer of the Question Everything mantra

312. Peter Lindberg, Swedish researcher who found an unidentifiable object (some claim its a crashed UFO) on the ocean floor in 2011

313. Amit Shafrir, President of Badoo, a social network focused on making new friends & eliminating loneliness

314. Andrey Andreev, founder of Badoo

315. Yash Kumar, former Amazon employee & founder of Code Now, a company that allows you to build & test code

316. David Blake, founder of Degreed, a company that’s solving the accreditation issue in education through integrating (as Ken Wilber puts it) old (Harvard) with new (iTunes U)

317. Willow Dea, author of integral education for the 21st century book, ‘Igniting Brilliance

318. Ken Wilber, thought leader in the integral stage of human development

319. Travis Katz. for his Knowledge@Wharton thoughts on Web 3.0 is Social

320. Nong Yongsui, the blue eyed Chinese boy who has night vision who could be a sign of the next step in human evolution

321. Brad Friesen, founder of Last Call, a preemptive hangover remedy featured on Dragon’s Den that’s going to be sold in bars. Strangely enough, entrepreneurs get free promotion and build connections after appearing on the show, it’s called ‘The Dragon’s Den Effect

322. Dr.Jeff Zabudsky, President of Sheridan College who in the past few months, has talked about changing a college into a university

323. Anya Kamenetz, author of Do It Yourself University. She also earned a mention at the end of Seth Godin’s blog post about the coming meltdown of higher education. She has 2 free ebooks: Learning, Freedom & The Web and The Edupunk’s Guide.

324. Carl Jung

325. Sean Ellis, of Start Up Marketing. He’s founded 3 companies that IPO’d. Here’s a post he did on Start Up Demand Creation.

326. Lynda Weinman, founder of

327. Neil Capel, founder of SailThru

328. Steve Wynn, founder of Wynn Resorts, says Chinese want the good life, China is generating more millionaires than any other part of the world in history

329. Leland Stanford, Stanford University’s namesake

330. Robert Matei, he turned down an offer from Instagram to join Quora

331. Matt Riley, cofounder of search engine Swiftype

332. Justin Rockefeller, founder of Generation Engage which merged with in 2010. He lives in of Palo Alto, California.

333. Michael Neilson, argues that our rapidly connecting network will collectively make us smarter

334. Edward Jay Epstein

335. Chris White, he debunked a good amount of Zeitgeist

336. George Zachary, of Charles Rivers Ventures and a historian of bubbles (think housing or education)

337. Jonathan Blow, video game designer, thinks money is fictional

338. Dr.Robert Spitzer, father of modern psychiatry

339. Elliot Bisnow, co-founder of the Summit Series, a networking event for young entrepreneurs & the most well connected 25 year old in the world (he rolls with Bill Clinton & Russell Simmons)

340. Andrew McMillen, journalist

341. Alex Kenjeev, paid off student loans in cash. He works at O’Leary Ventures, which explains how he could pull it off.

342. Kenny Nguyen, founder of Big Fish Presentations

343. Kirk, who created Hotstagram which brought back the whole ‘Hot or Not’ viral idea. Although it’s useless & shallow, it’s pretty clever.

344. Helen Benedict, author of the Lonely Soldier

345. Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of social news website reddit, he was a key figure in the anti SOPA & PIPA protests in January of 2012 and is currently writing a book called Without Your Permission. Said that he was inspired to start a company after hearing Paul Graham’s lecture ‘How to Start a Start Up’.

346. Maeghan Smulders, Mount Royal graduate, and Canada’s super intern who landed a job at Beyond The Rack after an employment campaign that got a lot of attention from the media called Project ONE12

347. These Homeless People

348. This Canadian teen who made it farther than I did in this year’s Thiel Fellowship rounds

349. Serkan Piantino, head of Facebook’s NY Offices

350. Ritik Malhorta, Thiel Fellow, wants to create an easier way for user to share content over social media

351. Taylor Wilson, Thiel Fellow, youngest person in history to create a nuclear fusion

352. Howard Lerman, co-founder of local search web firm yext, which just earned a $270 million evaluation

353. Sam Tarantino, founder of Grooveshark

354. Carmine Gallo, founder of Gallo Communications and author of several books on Apple

355. Deborah Jacobs, Forbes contributor and someone who makes a case against law school altogether

356. Richard Susskind, professor, world renown lecturer & author of  the controversial book called ‘The End of Lawyers’ 

357. Steve Bertoni, Forbes contributor & tech entrepreneur interviewer

358. Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post & author of 12 books, including a biography of Picasso

359. Mary Meeker, partner at VC firm Kleiner Perkins Claufield Byers

360. Larry Kramer, founder of , posted about how the iPad changed media consumption

361. Maria Seidman, co-founder of Yapp

362. Peter Joseph, creator of Zeitgeist

363. Jillian D’Onfro, writer for

364. Jessica Stillman, writer for

365. Rebeca Hwang, co-founder of You Noodle

366. Amanda Stienberg, founder of Daily Worth & creator of over 200 websites. According to Ramit Sethi in an email, she’s said that “You’ve got 168 hours in a week and only 40 hours of work in that time, figure it out. I’ve spent many morning with a code book in hand at 5 am.”

367. Michael Eric Dyson, Princeton PhD, author & professor. He’s written books on Tupac, MLK & Malcolm X.

368. Thomas Friedman, author of the World Is Flat

369. Scott Stratten, President of UnMarketing

370. Shouryya Ray, the 16 year old who solved Newton’s mathematical theory that baffled mathematicians for almost 400 years. The problems were previously considered ‘uncrackable’.

371. “Blue Jay” Greenburg (formerly 167), music prodigy who has written 5+ symphonies. It’s been said that someone of his caliber only come around once every 300 years or so. He’s drawn comparisons to Mozart and shares his birth month with Beethoven.

372. Einstein, the Rake

373. Erik Hals, CEO of the Hals Report

374. Lina Medina, supposedly the youngest mother ever at age 5

375. Jeremy Johnson, founder of (with the former CEO of Hooked on Phonics & The founder of the Princeton Review) education start up 2tor

376. Daniel Epstein, co-founder of  social start up incubator The Unreasonable InstituteOne of’s 30 under 30.

377. The World’s Smartest People

378. Jacob Barnett

379. Avi Bar-Ze’ev, co-founder of Keyhole, the precursor to Google Earth, who cites Al Gore as a key figure in the development and funding of the internet and author Neal Stephenson‘s book Snow Crash as inspiration for Google Earth. Stephenson has worked as an advisor to Jeff Bezos‘ start up Blue Origin

380. Lauren Leto, co-founder of Texts From Last Night. She’s on the list because of her Faking It post.

381.  Sarah Kunst

382. Jim Tucker, MD

383. Doreen Carvajal, author of NY Times article ‘Inherited Memories’ (also check Remembrance of Lives Past)

384. Walter Semkiw (aka John Adams), MD & author

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