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April 4, 2012

What’s Your Why? Pt. I

History has a lot of great leaders, all with exceptional capabilities, but some always stand out above others. With the recent passing of Steve Jobs last year, one wonders why he got out of bed in the morning. Why he and Steve Wozniak started Apple.

Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why stated that Jobs & Wozniak started Apple to help the underdogs of small business take on the corporations. The Apple computer would give anyone the capability to start their own business. And to add insult to injury, Jobs and Wozniak made billions doing this.

Jobs’ genius was the way his vision integrated art and technology together. Although it seems like common sense today, it was revolutionary in the dawn of the Information Age in Silicon Valley. Some say Jobs helped change the way the world works , communicates & ultimately, lives.

Others, mainly Pay Pal co-founder Peter Thiel, don’t view the Apple’s innovations as technological breakthroughs.

As philosopher & developmental psychologist Ken Wilber has made a case for in his own work, integration is the next paradigm shift of the global human consciousness.

We now have the building blocks of knowledge with everything from the sciences to business to art to literature to varying views of evolution, history & culture (although we sill have a lot to learn).

But all of these great leaps in our knowledge started with why.

Apple wanted to level the playing field in business for underdogs.

Galileo was driven by a thirst for the truth which helped him prove that the earth revolves around the Sun.

What’s your why?




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